Apple HomePod – Is it worth the money?

What is the Apple HomePod?

At the Apple’s WWDC17 along with other announcements, it introduced the world to the Apple HomePod. This is Apple’s foray into the home assistant world. This puts it in direct competition with Google Home and Amazon Echo, as well as Sonos. The HomePod will offer the same functionally as the other home assistants, with Siri voice control. You can turn lights on and off, play music and ask questions like – what is the weather today? With it being Siri you have all the same pros and cons as you would with your iPhone. One of the plus’s the HomePod will have is that because its an Apple product it will have massive developer buy in. Meaning that even though it is late to the market, I see it catching up with the competition very quickly.

Key Features of the Apple HomePod

The HomePod offers the same features as other home assistants on the market, so there is nothing ground breaking there. So what was Apple’s angle with this? What is its selling point? Apart from it being Apple which is enough for some. Well it will be the quality of the sound it can produce, it has some advances features in it like;

  • High-excursion woofer with a custom amplifier
  • Seven Tweeters, each with its own amplifier
  • A low frequency calibration microphone for automatic bass correction
  • Direct and ambient audio beam forming
  • Transparent studio-level dynamic processing

homepod room

Of course this puts it now in direct competition with Sonos, with its multi room high quality speakers as well. We will have to wait for hands on with the speaker to see if it matches it. The other limitation for the HomePod is that it will only run Apple Music, so if you use any other services you might become unstuck. The Sonos also has the ability to act as sound as well for your TV. All of this will make the job of the HomePod really quite hard.


Currently for me the jury is out on the Apple HomePod it looks great on paper, and has some great features. Will it be enough to dislodge something like Sonos? Im not sure, but I do like the idea of it and having Siri in my home to control my smart home devices.

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