BT Whole Home Wifi

As wireless is now more important than ever, the use of wifi mesh networks are important. This is where the BT Whole Home Wifi access points come in, offering the ability to cover even the larger houses. With 3 separate access points you can place around your house, this offers the best coverage getting rid of any black spots. Wireless mesh networks offer more than increased coverage, it offers extra capacity. With everything now needed a wireless connection, you could soon find yourself with 20 plus devices connected in a household of 4. Some of the cheaper wireless routers might struggle with this much capacity and performance will really suffer.

The BT Whole Home system works by building a mesh network. A mesh network is when wireless access points uses its radios to communicate to another access point. This means that the other access points do not need to connect directly back to the router using a cable. The primary access point plugs into the router and the other connect to it wirelessly, making for an easy deployment. You can place the Whole Home disc then anywhere in the house to extend the range of your wireless.

BT Whole Home Wifi – Setup and Specification

The setup of the this is very straight forward and can all be done from the Whole Home app. Just download the app and run through the step by step instructions. Plug the first disc into the router and let it configure itself. Then its just deciding where you want to put the other two discs around the house. Now this could be the most trickiest points of the whole setup, not because its hard but because…well they are massive and not particularly attractive looking. I would be tempted to hide them away somewhere out of sight so they do not become an eyesore.

BT whole home

Each disc effectively has 4×4 MIMO offering speeds of 1733Mbits/s over 5GHz 802.11AC and 800Mbits/s over 2.4GHz. This makes it a speedy wireless setup that is not to be sniffed at. Pair this with wireless technology like band steering which intelligently connects devices to the best radio frequency and the strongest disc signal and you are on for a winner. The throughput these devices can manage are very good indeed which means you will not get complaints from the gamers and streamers in the house. Do not get me wrong they are not amazing but thats the trade off for price and easy of setup.

BT Whole Home Wifi – Conclusions

While this is a good product for the price point there are a lot of other better devices out there.  My biggest gripe is what they look like, I just do not like how they look. In a world where image is everything and the way your home looks in important. BT has just seemed to forget this all together and went for function instead. So if you are looking for a good mid priced wireless mesh system, and you have a house where you can hide the discs I cannot recommend this enough. It will do what it says on the tin with out fuss and need a degree to setup.

The BT Whole Home Wifi currently costs £189.00