Multi Room Speakers

Speakers are not just speakers anymore. Long gone are the the days where a speaker were a thing that you plugged into your Hi-Fi. Now we want speakers to be able to connect to our phones over to it over Bluetooth at a minimum. The new standard is for speakers to be wifi connected and have the ability to stream your favourite music streaming service. Other features like playing music out of multiple speakers at once and doubling as sound sound are also becoming common place.  These speakers are also sometimes known are multi room speakers.

It is important make the distinction between Bluetooth speakers and what we are talking about. Multi room speakers can not only stream music from your smartphone but from music services. It connects directly to music music streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon Music. This is oppose to a Bluetooth speaker that is a much simpler affair which just plays music from your smartphone library.

What is on the market


Sonos Play 1Sonos are the people that brought this product to the fore of market. It now has a range of products to cover every sort of room size, and make a surround sound system. It ranges from a PLAY1 which for its size is a very capable speaker, to the PLAY5 that will fill even the largest rooms. As well as a soundbar and sub for your TV. There are many other products that they have look out for reviews on them. Not only does Sonos have the most and best features. It backs its up with great technology as well to make the listen experience great. This includes a feature call trueplay this trains the speaker to the room so you get a great sound.

The issue with Sonos is they are not the cheapest on the market, but you pay for what you get. Even though they cost a bit it is backed up with great support, and an active firmware updates.

Bose SoundTouch

Bose SoundtouchBose are known for high quality and expensive speakers. They have entered the multi room speakers market as well now to compete with Sonos. As Bose are a known and trusted brand it should give them an advantage here. As you would expect the sound quality from these speakers are sublime. Some say it can have a bit to much bass, but I think that can be removed if setup correctly. The price comes in line with what the Sonos cost across the lines, so it will come down to what you think sounds and looks better. Another consideration for the Bose is what services it can work with. Currently Amazon Music, Spotify and Pandora.

Nice little design features the SoundTouch is the buttons on top of it, and a remote control. They can be programmed to your favourite internet radio stations, or even play lists on you music streaming service. What stands this apart from other speakers is that is also has Bluetooth, this means you can play YouTube through it. This might sound like a small thing, but it can be one of those things that really bug you.

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