TV Stick

TV sticks are the ideal solutions for people that do not have smart TV and want to watch streaming services. This could be in the form of Amazon Prime Video or Netflix. Both are available in the UK with excellent original content. It also brings the terrestrial catch up services to your TV, so crowding round a laptop is a thing of the past. Other features include the ability to watch YouTube or browse the internet. a TV Stick can start as low as £30, which is not a lot to make your TV smart.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon Fire TV StickThe Amazon Fire TV Stick is a great example if how cheaply and easily you can make any TV a Smart TV. It has apps on it like Amazon Video and Music, Netfilx, TV catch up services and services like Uber and Just Eat. Match this with integrations with home automation products Philips Hue, Nest and Netatmo. Makes this a very powerful and useful little stick. You can control all this either through the remote control provided or through Alexa making this a very appealing option. There are two version available which is an HD option and 4k option.

Google Chromecast

ChromecastThe Chromecast is the cheapest TV Stick on the market at just £30. But it also has the least features and apps available to it. The reason it is show cheap is because of running app like Netflix and catchup services on it. You run it from your smartphone or laptop and cast it to the TV. The disadvantage to this is that if you want to watch something you are going to need your smartphone. Also as it does not have a remote control it means your have to do all the control from your phone as well. Google has announced at its recently that it is adding intergration with Google Home. This is a good sign for the Chromecast as it means Google are still investing time to improve it.

Apple TV 4th Generation

Apple TV 4th GenEven though not technically a stick it still provides the same functionality. The new apple TV is the powerful device of its type widely available. It has a lot of apps on offer and some great games as well, as with anything Apple there is heavy backing and development. It offers apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime as well as a remote control.

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