What is the future of Home Automation

What is the future of Home Automation

We are going to at what is currently possible with home automation, and where I think it will be in the next 5 to 10 years. With all the technology that is coming to market we should be living in a efficient, smart home that can monitor itself. Having the ability to change what is needed or inform the homeowner of any changes that are needed.

To understand where home automation is going we need to know what the drivers are to make your home smart. For some people this could be as simple as they just think its really cool. They have the spare cash and upgrade their home as a bit of a hobby, and talking point for visitors. Others do it for the convenience of it all. They like to be able to adjust their heating from the sofa, or make sure the lights are turned off. But the reason I think everyone should be getting on board with home automation is its ability not only save money, but help reduce carbon emissions. Without sounding too hipsterish there is no reason why homes should not be getting greener, no matter the age of them.

This is the way I see home automation going, to make homes greener and more efficient. A pleasant side effect to that is added convenience. But before we go too deep into that, lets look at what we have available to us today.

Current state of Home Automation

Currently in the UK I would have to say that we are behind the curve, a lot of devices are still only available in the US. This could be because they are startups and have not scaled yet, or because there is still not enough demand in the UK. With that in mind we can still automate heating and lighting. Smart locks have not quite made it to the UK yet due to the US using dead bolts and UK using Mortice. Hopefully the manufacturers are working on UK versions of their products so we can start using smart locks as well. Other small smart home products like blinds and home assistants can all be brought, although not massively important add to any smart home.

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Direction of Home Automation

The driving force behind all home automation and smart home technology, is to improve efficiency. From everything to heating and lighting to home security. The majority of this as well has the additional benefit of reducing the amount of energy a home uses. This will continue as the use of solar power and home batteries increase, further reducing energy demand and reliance on fossil fuels. These devices will be smarter and less intrusive than the current solars panels and have better connectivity, giving the homeowner richer information on what is going on in the house. We are starting to see this come through now, specifically with the Tesla Solar Roof. Product like this will become more and more prevalent, because if you need to replace your roof why would you not use something like the Solar Tiles? Or if you are building a house why would not not use the Solar Tiles? It make economical and environmental sense.Tesla Solar Roof

(Yes that is what the Tesla Solar Roof looks likes)

As more devices get connected, the interoperability will improve as well. Your washing machine will be able to tell your home assistant that it’s running out of detergent so it can either add it to your shopping list automatically or send you an notification to buy some more when it knows you are in a supermarket. Once device can share more information together easily the automation process will be a lot easier, add machine learning to it and your home really could become smart.

I foresee a future a future where electrical device in the house is connected to each other and managing the environment you live in. Not only that but doing so at a fraction of the energy useage we currently consume.


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