Home Automation


Home Automation or smart home produces are devices that can be controlled from a smartphone or other smart devices. The aim of these devices is to improve convenience and usability through remote operation or automation. This market was brought to the fore with Nest releasing there Smart Thermostat, which opened the door to other manufactures making wifi connected devices such as lighting, locks and even washing machines. Over the next 5 years this market will continue to grow as more and more things are connected to the internet in what is know as The Internet of Things (IOT). We are going to look at some of these Home Automation products and see how they can help you, while also aiding in and decisions making you might need to make.

The UK market for home automation is growing, but is still very US centric. This makes it hard for consumers in the UK to find products as most are only available in the US. This site will help you find products that are available in the UK.

Smart Thermostat

Smart Lights

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