Home Assistant

What is a Home Assistant?

It’s not something that will make you a brew (yet!) but it is a digital assistant that can help create shopping list, play music and control other devices. These are not the silver bullet to home automation yet, but they will play an ever increasing part of it. Currently there is only two options in this space. Amazon’s Echo with Alexa and Google Home Assistant. One of the biggest hurdles that could be faced with these devices, is not feeling silly talking to a computer. Once you get use to that it becomes a very useful tool in the home automation world. Although these are essential smart speakers, these are not of the quality an audiophile would ever dream of listening to music through. For the average person it would be acceptable quality of sound. But is not a replacement for a sound system like Sonos.

Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo was the first on the scene with a device like this. The technology existed in other forms on devices such as Siri on iPhone, and the Android and Microsoft versions. The Echo runs Amazon version of the digital assistant which is Alexa. The Echo also come in small form factor call Echo Dot which does exactly the same thing in a smaller form factor and is also a third of the price. The down side being the sound quality is poorer.



Google Home

Google Home is relatively new to the market, and Amazon’s only viable competition. The sound quality is said not to be as good as the Echo has more base. It also does not have as many integrations as the Echo yet, but being Google that is expected to improve. Where Google Home does excel is in its ability to answer questions, its can understand and answer more then Alexa out of the box. For Googles first foray into this market its very good and will only improve over time with updates.

Google home retails for £129


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