Home Security

One area smart home technology is really make in roads is in home security. This covers everything from alarms, cameras and environmental detection like smoke detectors. Having the ability to check what is going on at home, with an internet connected camera is very appealing to most people. This has made it one of the most popular items in home security. Once people see the benefits of having the ability to see what going on in their house, they progress onto other technology to enrich the information.

On this page we will look at some items that are available in the UK to improve your homes security. Look out for blog posts for detailed reviews on the different products. First we will briefly look at a home product that has not quite make it to the UK but should be arriving soon. This is something that is growing in the US, but because we do not use dead bolts in the UK is slower to arrive. Of course this does not stop you from buying one and changing your lock at the same time, its just more work. The one company that does have a smart lock available is Yale with its Conexis L1, not the best looking in the world but it is an option. Others that you can buy in the UK but are not actually released is the Kwikset Kevo, and the August Smart Lock. Of course there are issues, like support and compatibility with buying these. So if you are to buy them make sure to do your research.

Security Cameras

nest camThere are a lot of cameras on the market now that offer great features like the Canary All-in-One home security device. A smart security camera is not just about a good camera, it needs other features. The Canary for example has an alarm, and can monitor air quality and temperature to name a few. The camera in it should be at least HD, so it is easy to make out what its going on. This pretty much comes as standard now. Camera’s like the Nest Cam Security Camera have the ability to know when you are home or not. This means that when you are not home and it detects moment it can send you an alert.  It might also be worth looking at outdoor camera’s as well to monitor your garden or front door. Most companies that make indoor cameras will make outdoor ones as well.

Having the ability to see what is going on at home can be something that is really reassuring. If you are away a lot travelling or if your children are home before you, being able to see what is going on at home give piece of mind. These camera can record to a local memory card or in the cloud. Some cloud storage might require a subscription at extra cost, so look out for that. When the camera detects movement it can be set to send an alert and start recording. Some of the outdoor cameras can distinguish if its your cat wondering about or a person meaning you do not get nuisance alerts.

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Smoke Detectors

Smoke detector Nest rules the roost here in all fairness. If you think Smart smoke alarms you think Nest, but there are other on the market like the Fibaro FGSD-002. The Fibaro has Z-Wave technology so can integrate with a Z-Wave network. Other products include the Bell & Wyson BW1.1 2 in 1 take the smoke detector to a whole other level, as it is integrated with a smart light. What the Nest offers is not just a smoke and carbon monoxide monitor. It offers that buy into the Nest ecosystem, with management of it through the same app as your thermostat and camera. You will also get the benefits of the works with Nest scheme as well offering more integrations.

Fire alarms, or smoke detectors are vital in every home and should never be overlooked. If you do not have at least one in your house get one, even if its not smart. If you can get a smart one it would make sense to as it will help to alert you to a fire even when you are not home. This give you the opportunity to responder faster to an issue, meaning getting the fire service on its way to you faster.

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Other Environmental Detectors

samsung smartthingsTo me in this category lives things like door or window contacts, presence detector, even temperature monitoring. Although maybe not as important, it can enrich the amount of data you having giving a better picture. For example, if you are out of the house and you get an alert to say your window is now open, it might be worth checking your camera to see what is going on. It also can provide information to other devices like room temperature and humidity. There are products on the market like Samsung SmartThings and Elgato that have starter packs and products to give you this information.


Look out for more reviews on these products as they start to play a bigger part. The one that is make the most noise which is the Elgato Eve products appear to be making great integration with other products making it appear the clear choice. But more on that in the future.