Smart LED Lighting in the UK

The smart light is properly the easiest and most accessible home automation project you can do on you home. In most cases it just involves changing out the bulb for the new smart light bulb of your choice. As will everything in home automation there is a plethora of different makes of smart bulb on the market in the UK. This could make choosing the right type of bulb hard, if you do not know what you are looking for from it. We will look a few of the bigger players in the market, look at what functionally they have and what you should look out for when selecting your bulb of choice. When you have selected your bulb of choice make and you are about to purchase make sure you get the right attachment. Newer light fittings will likely use the E27 fitting but make sure you check before hand. In the event that you buy the wrong socket do not worry as Amazon has adapters.

Why do I want Smart Lights?

There are many benefits of using smart bulbs, other then the convenience of being able to control them form your smartphone. Because the lights are LED there will be a saving in electricity consumption which should mean lower bills. The energy saving does not end there, because they have some for of intelligence they can be programmed to only be on when they are needed. This can be done through motion sensors, timing, or geo-fencing with your smartphone. This means that if you are not home the lights can turn them selves off. Of course this has to be balanced with the cost of the bulbs which are more expensive then a conventional bulb, and other bits of kit you might want to buy as well for the. But with a life of 15 years under with normal usage it could be argued its an investment.

What’s are my options in the UK

Philips Hue


The Philips Hue smart bulbs is the big player in this market. They now have a vast array of products making it a very attractive option. They offer everything from reasonably prices white light bulbs to a bit more expensive coloured bulbs. But this is just the tip of the ice berg as they have light switches, motion sensors, strip lighting and light fittings just to name a few. This make the Philips offering very attractive as you can kit out your entire house. That matched with the ability to integrate with Apple Homekit, Alexa and Google home makes this a very sensible choice.


Hive Active Light

After have success with its thermostat Hive has expanded its product range to include other  home automation products including smart bulbs. This makings buying into the Hive ecosystem very appealing. It offers coloured lighting, white and warm. This in most instancing is more then enough. Hive offers integration to Alexa currently which is limited. This might be improve over time. As this is a Hive product it needs either the thermostat or a Hive hub to work. Hive also have other products on offer such as a smart plugs and window and door sensors.

Price: £18.99
Was: £19.99