Why use a Smart Thermostat?

Smart Thermostats are used to control your homes central heading and maybe your hot water tank from your smartphone anywhere in the world. There are other benefits from using one of these thermostats, such as no heating your home when it is empty saving you money. Other benefits include your heating system being aware of  your location using your smart phone, so when you are on your way home the heating will turn on making sure you do not come home to a cold house. Other reasons to use one of these devices is to reduce your energy bill, Nest claims anywhere between 8%-16%. Aesthetically it can also improve the look and feel of your home and can be a bit of talking point when selling.


When you are deciding on your thermostat, you should have in mind what feature you want out of your device. This could be the ability to use Siri or Alexa to control the temperature. Or what other smart devices you what it to work well with in your home. There are a number of integrations that most smart thermostats have, so make you you have an idea of the type of ecosystem you want to create and insure that the device works well with in it.

Nest Learning Thermostat


We are now on the 3rd generation of Nest Learning Thermostat. The latest generation has 40% bigger display, and more temperature sensors to improve accuracy, to name a few improvements over the 2nd generation. The Nest Thermostat was the worlds first smart learning thermostat and has lead the way in this marking while the other play catch up.

See my Blog on the Nest 3rd generation Learning thermostat


Hive Active Heating and Hot Water

Hive Active Heating claims to be the UK’s favorite wireless thermostat. As a British Gas company, it could have support of the smart thermostats simply because it will be based out of the UK. As well as having us based support it can be installed by a British Gas engineer taking the worry out of installing it you self or finding an electrician to install it for you.  The design is very functional and not necessarily as stylish as some other on the market.


Netatmo Smart Thermostat

Netatmo are better known for making products that monitor the inside and outside environment, they have now entered the world of smart thermostat. The design is quite basic as well as the app, but do not let that put you off as it still has some of the same advanced features as the others. It also offers integrations with Alexa, that makes it controllable with your voice. The display is the most basic of the ones on the market so is unlikely to be a show piece in your home.


Others on the market

There are other brands on the market that hold a smaller market share. They offer the same sort of features as the bigger brands at a some times at a lower price. Below are some of the products available on the UK market what might also be worth looking at.

tado° Smart Thermostat (v3) Honeywell Lyric T6
You have your own boiler, gas central heating or underfloor
heating? This tado° Starter Kit helps you to save up to 31%
of your heating bill and makes your life more comfortable.
The Smart Thermostat uses your phone’s location to
automatically control your heating, ensuring no energy is
wasted.The smartphone app gives you full control over
your heating wherever you are. Works with 95% of heating
systems. You can easily install the Smart Thermostat
yourself. Simply replace your existing wired room
thermostat. Our online installation service gives you
detailed step-by-step instructions for your heating system.
The Lyric T6 Series is the next generation of
programmable thermostats. Not only it is simple
to setup straight out-of-the-box, it’s been
designed with the best features of today’s
connected devices.Create a schedule to suit
your needs, adjust your heating remotely via
smartphone or simply leave the automated
location based feature to turn on your heating
before you get home.

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