With the use of wireless increasing with more and more devices connecting to the internet. Good home wireless is a must. In some cases the wireless provided from your router is sufficient to give you good coverage at home. If you live in a bigger house or an older house with thicker walls that are typical in the UK, you might need additional access points. This will stop black spots or weak signal in your house. There are a number of ways this can be achieve, either with boosters or access points. The access points are smarter then the boosters and will offer more features and reliability. Down site is they require more to setup and manage. Booster can be a quick and cheap fix if you only a weak signal in a single part of the house.

BT Whole Home Wifi

BT Whole Home WifiBT offering on the UK market is a good one. It is very easy to setup and manage, and with 3 access points included means that it will cover a very large area. It have intelligence built in as will so it can manage the devices connected to them. They will move the clients connected to them to the access point that will provide the best signal. They use 802.11AC meaning that they are future proof.


Linksys Velop Whole home Wifi

Linksys VelopThis is one of the most stylish wireless mesh products on the market. They are small and can easily be place around the house without standing out.  The access points offer features like integration with Alexa and configuration and management with an app. The ability to manage the devices with and app is a big plus as it will provide a simple and easy to use interface to make any changes you need. With these devices you can also have a guest wireless network for you friends or guest. Meaning you can give them access to the internet with worrying if they are going to bring a virus or malware into your home.