Philips Hue White Lighting LED Starter Kit

Philips Hue Starter KitThe Philips Hue range of smart lights and bulbs, are the easiest smart home upgrade you can make. It’s as simple as replacing your old light bulb with a Philips Hue one. Plug in the smart bridge which manages all the bulbs. Then install the Hue add and follow the on screen instructions. The starter kits gives you everything you need to do your first room in your house. It includes the bridge to manage all the smart bulbs and anymore you might buy. As well as two in this case 9w E27 Philips Hue white bulbs. There are other starter kits available with colour changing bulbs, 3 bulbs instead of two and with a switch. But we are going to be talking about the basic kit today, as it’s the cheapest way to get into automated lighting.  Other starter kits shown below.

About Philips Hue

Philips introduced their line of smart LED lights in October 2012. It was marketed as the world first lighting appliance controlled by IOS. With its second generation in 2015 and we are now on the 3rd generation which was released in October 2016. It uses a protocol called Zigbee to communicate on the wireless and to other devices. It now has three types of bulb available on the market. White light which is a natural light good for everyday task. White ambience, which is a warmer white light and is excellent for working in. It is also better for relaxing and going to sleep and waking up to. The last is white and colour ambience that offers white light and the ability to produce 16 million colours! All of the bulbs are dimable so can be adjusted for brightness.Hue Bulb

The list of smart bulbs now made by Philips is huge, so it can accommodate most shapes and sizes. To top this off it has range of light fittings to replace your entire light, lamps, light strips and light switches. Making Philips Hue the most all rounded smart light producer. Here is a short list of some of the items available.

I will try to get round reviewing as many of these as possible.

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Philips Hue White Lighting LED Starter Kit

Hue BridgeBack to the white light stater kit. As I said above this is the easiest and cheapest way to get into home automation, which is also a bit of fun. In the box you get the Philips Hue Bridge which can support up to 50 bulbs and 12 accessories. Which is plenty for a single house in most cases. The bridge is the brains of the outfit, and is what all the bulbs and accessories talk back to.

The starter kit also comes with two white light A19 bulbs (make sure these are the right ones for your lights if not there are adapters available). The bulbs have a light output of 806 lumens and a colour temperature of 2700k. The bulbs should just replace the old ones and they will find the bridge when plugged in.


This is a great product you introduce you to the benefits of home automation. It will make a real change to the way you see home automation and can be a start for other projects or just increasing the number of smart bulbs. All of this bundled up in a nice tidy package, why would you not want it?