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About Nest

Nest first released their learning thermostat in the UK in 2012, this was the second generation. The 1st generation only getting released in the US. When it first hit the market, it did not have any competition. This changed when Hive came to market, which was later brought by British Gas.

Their were the first smart learning thermostat on the market and provided feature that were not easily available to the UK before. This was pair with and excellent app to control and use the thermostat. Because of this it became a popular home automation upgrade.

Is the Nest Thermostat worth it?

In short yes. I cannot see any reason why anyone would now buy the older style of thermostat, over any smart one. See my page on Smart Thermostats In this review we will look at the feature the 3rd generation Nest thermostat offers, what the app is like and how easy it is to install. To start with I will briefly mention the ascetics of it. For a functional device, it can add to the look of the room. Adding a sleek contemporary look with its large screen, that activates when it detects movement. Also its stainless steel bezel used to control it when not using the app. The device also comes in a number of different colours tones as well, so you can match it to the rooms decoration.


So you have decided you but a Nest Thermostat, the first thing you need to do is buy the right one. In the UK we can have many different boiler setups. Luckily the Nest website has a tool to make sure you have a compatible boiler and shows you the thermostat you need to buy.  Nest also has a list of installers that they have approved, which you can use to source and install the device. Most electricians should be able to install it for you if you do not want to do it yourself. It should not cost more then £100 at the top end to install it. If you are more DIY minded and think you could give it a go yourself, Nest has lots on installation documentation to help. Or if you are like me your turn to the font of all wisdom and use YouTube. The installation is quite simple and can be done assuming you do no have a odd boiler setup and all the cabling is easy to reach. Of course make sure you are safe if you are going to try this as you will b playing with mains electric. Make sure you have disconnected all the power before starting.


The features list of the device is extensive. Starting with its feature Farstight, it will spot your movement from across the room and turn its display on. Showing you what the current temperature is and what is set at. It has a 40% larger screen then the old 2nd generation meaning it can fit more information on it more easily. After a while once the thermostat has got to know your house it will be able to give you time to temperature information. Meaning that it can tell you how long it will take to get to your desired temperature. A feature along its energy saving green credentials is the Nest Leaf. This is a little green leaf that appears at the bottom of the screen when you are saving energy. It will count the number of leaves and provide you a report every month showing your savings.

As the thermostat is connected to the internet, it means it can be aware of the weather outside. So if its a sunny day it will know that you probably do not need to heating to come on, saving you money. On the reverse to that if its particularly cold or snowy it can adjust the temperature make sure its comfortable at home. If your not home and temperature gets really cold, it can turn the heating on just enough to stop the pipes freezing. Saving you from coming home to a disaster. Lastly it is packed with sensor like light, activity and humidity, giving it a rich vain of information.

Nest Application 

The Nest app is not an app just for the learning thermostat but the whole range of Nest products. Everything from the smoke detectors and cameras is managed from the single application. This is a massive advantage to buying into the Nest ecosystem. You can then manage and get alerts through a single application that’s hasintegration  with all the major home assistance like Apple HomeKit, Google home and Alexa.

Nest AppWith in the app, you can set the temperature and schedule when the heating should come on manually. The app is also used for understanding your location so it can adjust the heating. It will turn it to away when you are not home so its not heating an empty home. When close to home it will turn it to home and start heating the house. If you have other next products like Nest Protect you will get alerts direct to your smartphone.

As the Nest thermostat learns your routine of coming and going it will build a schedule for you in the app. This can be edited, but I found its best to just leave it alone can do a better job.


The Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd generation is highly recommend. This is not only because it is a very good smart thermostat. But because you will be buying into the Nest ecosystem which not only means other nest products. It means that you will have a basis for a great home automation system with other works with Nest Products. You will be able to build out your home automation system with a solid grounding.

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