Tesla Solar Roof

What is Tesla Solar Roof?

A lot of people hesitate to go solar as they think bulky, obvious solar panels squatting on their roofs. While others are concerned about planning permission. If that sounds familiar, Tesla solar roofing might be a good choice. Consisting of solar roof tiles which interlock with your current tiles, it provides all the advantages of panels in an aesthetic form. Tesla solar roofing is composed of roof tiles that have photovoltaic elements which interlock with the current roof tiles. As an essential part of your roof, they produce electricity as well as protect home from various elements too. Tesla solar roofing is multi-tasking at its best.

How Tesla Solar Roofing Works?

Tesla solar roof tiles combine functionality with aesthetic. Due to the fact that tiles could closely mimic the shape and oftentimes the shade or tone of the current tile, they don’t alter the silhouette of your covering and are far less eye-catching and obvious from the road. Homeowners associations as well as historical communities who disapprove of typical and conventional solar panels are much more likely to let Tesla solar roofing.

Solar Roof Tiles

The best things about this type of roofing is that it complements the architecture of your home at the same time turning UV rays into electricity that you can be used to power appliances. With an incorporated powerwall battery, the energy gathered during daytime is kept and made accessible anytime you want, efficiently turning home into your personal utility. By far this is considered one of the biggest advantages of Tesla solar roof compared to other types of roofing available out there.

The Cost of Tesla Solar Roofing

Cost is always a big issue with regards to solar roofing. The cost of tesla solar roofing according to the report will be the same as the normal type of solar roofing available. Report also indicated that it will cost you $21.85 for every square foot. On the other hand that expense was based on 35 percent of tiles being solar and a 65 percent being non-solar tiles.

Tesla Powerwall 2

According to Tesla blog post, the real cost of their solar roofing will be approximately $11 for every square foot for a non-solar tiles and 42 dollars for every square foot for a solar tile. The real cost can be lower or higher than 21.85 dollars for every square foot, however it all depends on the level of solar output clients needs and wants.

In estimated, Tesla plans solar energy generation as well as the worth of which energy more than the next thirty years as portion of its price. On the other hand, don’t forget that the expense of setting up the solar roof prior to the expense of energy will be higher than the usual or traditional roof. Also it will be more expensive then the luxurious slate or tile options available on the market at present.


This is the latest step in Tesla’s vision of a greener world. It has manged to create a product that people would be silly not to buy if they are replacing their roof. Not only is it cheaper but it produces energy as well saving you money. This matched with a Powerwall you could very nearly life off grid from the electric company. This latest innovation really shows the direction they want to go with the battery power. Having the ability to power your home and car from the sun.

Although not readly avaiable in the UK yet it I see this becoming a key part in everysmart home. As we use more energy we need to find a way to make our use of it more sustainable. This could very possibly be the asnwer. Tesla currently has two of the four styles avaiable in the UK and plan to roll out the other two shortly. You can secure your order with them now here.


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