Top 5 Best Home Automation Products in the UK

A lot of the reviews online are very US focus, so we are here to address this. What we are going to look at today are the Top 5 Best Home Automation Products in the UK they are all available to buy now and are reasonable prices. These devices are a very easy way to get started in the home automation space. Most are easy to install or do not need any installation at all.

So lets get started on the top 5!

Nest 3rd Generation learning thermostat

Nest thermostat roomThis is one of the first smart home products on the market in the UK to be widely available. Even though it was the first on the market it has been improved over the years. Making it still the best learning thermostat on the market in the UK. One of the best things about Nest is its ecosystem. Not only does it have other products that work well together, but loads of other products with its work with nest scheme. Making this a great choice for your smart thermostat.

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The Nest 3rd Generation Learning thermostat costs £189.00

Philips Hue

Philips Hue Starter KitThe Philips Hue is the easiest way to get into home automation, because it only involves swapping a light bulb. When you get into it more, you can by a bridge that can manage up to 50 bulbs. That is more then enough for most homes and with the stand white bulb costing £14.99 its one of the cheapest ways to start a home automation project. Philips Hue offers a lot of accessories as well, including switches and whole light fittings. Another great feature the Philips Hue offers is colour producing bulbs that also more expensive can add a nice flourish to a room.

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Nest Protect

Nest ProtectThe Nest Protect will offer you piece of mine, as it has the ability to send alerts in the event of fire to your smartphone. As it a Nest product it will work from the same app as the nest thermostat, making it easy to manage. It approaches fire alarms in a new way which is a lot smarter, and if you have more then one can alert intelligently.

Look out for a upcoming review of the Nest Protect which is currently on sale for £99.99






Netatmo Weather Station

Netatmo Weather stationIt is debatable if this is a home automation product, but it is definitely a smart home product. The Netamo Weather station will give you an insight into the conditions in your home. It has sensor for temperature, humidity, CO2 and noise. It also has an outdoor module that will report on the the temperature, humidity and with extra devices the amount of ran fall and wind. The Netatmo is compatible with IFTTT so that give it huge potential to integrate itself into a smart home with a bit of imagination.

The Netatmo Weather Station cost 

Ring doorbell

Ring DoorbellThe Ring doorbell is a video, wifi enabled door bell that can alert you to somebody at your door. Not only can it show you who is at the door but you can have two way audio with them as well. This make it an excellent security product for you home, as you will be able to see who is at your door from anywhere in the world. With an excellent camera it can offer HD video streaming and push notifications to your phone when the button is pressed.

The Ring Doorbell is on sale for £124.00


The takeaway from the Top 5 List

These 5 products would be a great start to any smart home project. They all offer something to make your life easier and safer at home. It proves that slowly but surely the home automation revolution is making it to the UK, and is not just a US thing now.

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